Monatsarchiv: Januar 2013

We get out!

„I get out“ von Lauryn Hill ist zurzeit der Soundtrack meines Lebens.
Meine Version des Texts beschreibt meine Gemütslage sehr treffend.
Lest die Zeilen bedächtig und lasst die Worte mal auf euch wirken.

We get out!

We get out of all your boxes.
We get out.
You can’t hold us in these chains!
We’ll get out.

Oh, let’s free us from this bondage.
Knowin‘ our condition,
Is the reason we must change.

These stinkin‘ resolutions,
Are no type of solutions.

Preventin‘ us from freedom,
Maintainin‘ that pollution.

We won’t support these lies no more!
No, we won’t even try no more.

And if we have to die – oh world,
That’s how we choose to live.

We won’t be compromised no more,
So we can’t be victimised no more.

We just don’t sympathize no more,
Cause now we understand.

You just wanna use us,
You say „love“ then abuse us.
You never thought you’d loose us.

But how quickly we forget,
That nothin‘ is for certain.

You thought we’d stay here hurtin‘,
Your guilt trip’s just not workin‘.
Repressin‘ us to death.

Cause now we’re choosin‘ life – yo!
We take the sacrifice – yo.

If everything must go, then go,
That’s how we choose to live.

No more compromises!
We see past these disguises.

Blindin‘ us through mind control,
Stealin‘ our eternal soul.

Appealin‘ through material,
To keep us as your slave.

But we get out!
Oh, we get out of all your boxes.
We get out!
Oh, you can’t hold us in these chains,
We’ll get out!
Oh, we’ll get out of social bondage.
Knowin‘ our condition,
Oh, is the reason we must change!

See, what you see is what you get.
Oh, and you ain’t seen nothin‘ yet.

Oh, we don’t care if you’re upset.
We could care less if you’re upset!

See, we don’t change the truth.
And your hurt feeling’s no excuse!
To keep us in this box,
Psychological locks.

Repressin‘ true expression,
Cementin‘ this repression,
Promotin‘ mass deception,
So that no one can be healed.

We don’t respect your system!
We won’t protect your system!

When you talk we don’t listen…….
Oh, let our children’s will be done!

And just get out!
Oh, just get out of all these bondage.
Just get out!
Oh, you can’t hold us in chains!
Just get out.

All these traditions killin‘ freedom.

Knowin‘ world’s condition,
Is the reason we must change!

We’ve just accepted what you said.
Keepin‘ us among the dead…………..

The only way to know,
Is to walk then learn and grow.

But fate is not your speed,
Oh, you’ve had everyone believed,
That you’re the sole authority.

Just follow the majority,
Afraid to face reality.

The system is a joke!

Oh, we’d be smart to save our soul,
And just escape this mind control!

You spent your life in sacrifice,
To a system for the dead.

Oh, are you sure?
Where is the passion in this living?

Are you sure it’s a good thing you’re servin‘?

Obligated to a system.

Getting less then you’re deserving!

„Who made up these schools?“ we say.
„Who made up these rules?“ we say……

Animal conditioning.
Oh, just to keep us as a slave!

Oh, let’s just get out,
Of this social purgatory.

Just get out.

All these traditions are a lie.

Just get out.

Superstition killing freedom.

Knowin‘ our condition,
Is the reason we must die!

Just get out.

Let’s get out!

Knowin‘ mother earth’s condition,
Is the reason we must die.

Just get out.